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At Irupé we strive to be a customer centric company. This means putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes and understanding the challenges involved in sourcing raw agricultural products produced and processed thousands of miles away.

It also means we know our customers’ most valued asset is their reputation which relies on their ability to deliver a traceable, food-safe product according to specifications and, in the case of organic products, free of pesticides.

In order to consistently deliver the quality of product our clients expect, Irupé ensures that the necessary processes and protocols are in place to deliver a food-safe and fully traceable product. We continuously monitor, trace and test our products from the farm all the way through to the stuffing of the container. Each step has its own food safety and traceability protocol.


Our clients invariably request that we provide them with full traceability of our products. We take this request very seriously and work hard to ensure that traceability check points are built into our entire supply chain. This includes the creation of unique lot numbers during harvest. These lot numbers are maintained all the way from through the cleaning process and storage of the product to the final bagging and stuffing of the container. The company keeps traceability records for all products that enter and leave our warehouses.

Food Safety

Today Irupé follows the HACCP program guidelines to ensure food safety from the farm all the way to the delivery of the final product. The program is designed to control physical, biological, and chemical risks throughout the company’s operations.

Similar to the company’s traceability policy, Irupé divides its food safety protocol into five crucial phases of its supply chain: planting, harvest, cleaning, storage, and shipping.

Ensuring the best possible seed quality for the planting is the first step to a healthy and disease free product. Before and during the harvest process, samples are taken from the field to ensure that product is free of microbiological pathogens and have not suffered from any hazardous plague or infection.

The most rigorous food safety measures are undertaken during the cleaning process in the company facilities. It is equipped with a modern laboratory with a dedicated team that works hand in hand with our machine operators to ensure that all products go through the required microbiological testing and are processed according to client specifications. All our organic products are sent to Germany for state-of-the-art pesticide residue testing before they leave the warehouse.

Lastly, at Irupé, we ensure that the container in which the product will travel is adequately prepared to avoid the merchandise from spoiling whilst in transit to its final destination. Full container liner bags, moisture absorbing silica bags, and humidity blankets are only some the tools employed. We also offer CO2, ozone and other gas related treatment when required by the client.

Quality Policy

Política de Calidad e Inocuidad Irupé Paraguay

Política de Sistema de Gestión Integrado Irupé Paraguay.

“La calidad e inocuidad cimienta nuestra compañía”

Dar lo que esperas recibir: En Irupé creemos que el compromiso con la calidad e inocuidad es multidireccional y una parte constitutiva de nuestro ser. Nos esforzamos por entregar calidad e inocuidad a nuestros clientes porque exigimos recibirla todos los días, tanto de nuestros proveedores como de nuestro equipo de colaboradores. Buscamos generar un flujo constante y virtuoso de calidad que irradie toda nuestra organización y que nos posicione como una compañía confiable y respetada en la producción de alimentos nutritivos y saludables. Esta visión finalmente debe encontrarse reflejada en la satisfacción de nuestros clientes.

Por ello, manifestamos este compromiso del directorio y el equipo de colaboradores hacia el cliente y el medio ambiente, a través de la mejora continua de la organización en la calidad e inocuidad y el cumplimiento de normativas vigentes y acuerdos justos.